First blog 💕

Hey guys!

My name is Chloe Jayd I’m 19 years old, I do hair and makeup, I will be posting a lot of different things on here for you to enjoy reading.  I want to make it quite different with a variety of things like makeup, hair, life updates and more:)

I hope some of the life updates and experiences that I will post may help you guys out with problems you have too x

Happy reading 💛

Looking forward to reading some of your blogs too 🌸


Tammy hembrows booty workout 

Hello beauties 
I’m going to be trying Tammy hembrows booty workouts!! 🙀 

I watch her YouTube videos all the time and her body is just absolute goals as well as her lifestyle, i’m going to be doing this and hoping to keep motivated until I have the booty I want ps I don’t have a bad bum lol it’s just could do with toning more also I’m looking into purchasing some Womens best shakes but for weight gain as I struggle with gaining the weight I’m so tiny and would love to be a little bigger to boost my confidence a lot more.. 

Will also be posting some results for you guys every month so that you can see how everything’s going.. I hope that it inspires other people to get motivated too because trust me I’ve been very stubborn and need something to keep me going now I have lot of spare time on my hands! 

If anyone else has tried this please let me know how it was and if it worked for you 🙂 




Everything’s going wrong!

Hey lovelies
So what a great start to 2018..

I have no job now as I’ve mentioned in a previous post I work part time in a bar for extra money until I sort out a permanent job but unfortunately it’s being taken over which means I May have to re apply in hope I can stay on but we will see what happens.. 
My job interview today for kiko did not go as expected it was to work for a makeup store, I waited over an hour for an interview to be told there’s no jobs now personally I thought it was wrong as no other girls had a fair chance to try. When your put in that moment of being told you’ve waited for something that’s not going to happen is quite disappointing so you can imagine my mood as I was in a lot of hope that I might have been successful as I have a level 2 certificate in makeup then as soon as I walk into work I find out some more new that I no longer will have my job through it being taken over by new owners!  

I don’t think my day could get any worse and as I suffer with anxiety and depression it just feels like a whole load of weight has just been dropped on me and i find it difficult to cope in tough situations I’m not going to go into to much detail but since I stopped taking medication I find that I’ve been struggling a lot worse lately and feeling down I can’t sleep and I’m starting to eat very little. 

I’m trying over the counter herbal medication which I though will be better as the prescription medication I take does affect my day to day life so I chose to stop taking it. 
If anyone has any recommendations for anxiety and depression please let me know I would love to try things that I haven’t already because right now nothing seems to be helping and before I turn back to stronger medication I want to see if things get better. 



What I want to do 2018

Hey lovelies 

Things that have been going on recently and what I want to do this year!! 
Well first of all I was hoping for a good start to this year but instead it hasn’t been so nice, I suffer from anxiety and depression and theae last couple of days I haven’t wanted to do anything at all, I’ve cried and had so many sleepless nights I try to avoid taking meds just because they seem to stop me from eating and sleeping at all it’s not great so for me trying to cope without them is my option and it’s hard like so so hard as I don’t really speak to anyone about it I just kind of deal with it on my own..
So my plans this year are to get a full job that I love doing, I currently work on a zero hour contact so basically I could have so many days off before I’m called into work which hasn’t been great as I’m struggling, I have bills to pay things that need to be done and so little money but that’s something I’m working on, I’ve been sitting and applying for jobs and hopefully something comes up ASAP, think I’m going to be joining the gym undecided yet but I need motivation so hopefully that’s something I will do.

Also this year I would like to do a makeup artist course and get back into doing hair as it’s something I love think I’ve mentioned a lot about hair in a previous blog you can check out 🙂 
I will also be keeping up with my blog channel hopefully get more subscribers and then maybe start a YouTube channel but having anxiety takes a lot to get the confidence but definitely something I will be working on 


This year I would also like to be saving so that I can go abroad maybe next year at some point, I would absolutely love to go to Bora Bora so that’s definitely on the list. 
Also another makeup blog will be posted in the next few days along with a hair one 👑 

I am planning on a giveaway too with lots of different items too. Can’t wait 😁

Mwah 💋 

Xox khloè

Drugstore makeup review💎

By far my favourite lashes for everyday looks!!

Can’t wait to try out some other brands 

Comment any suggestions for me to try out lashes and products

Primark – sultry lashes 

I use these every single day as my own lashes are short so this gives me length and look fabulous with mascara

Foundation – maybelline cover proof 

Not my favourite foundation but I absolutely love the coverage and will continue to purchase great for you guys that have oily skin..

Lips – missguided lipgloss

This is the lip gloss I use for everyday as I’ve mentioned in the previous blog that I’m a nude girl, I don’t feel bright or darker colours suit me that well amazing highly recommend! 

Contour – collection bronze glow matte 

Use this everyday aswell as it gives me the perfect contour colour and doesn’t make me look shiny through out the day as its matte definitely reccomend greatly priced 

Blush – max factor small blush 

I love love love this product great price and would recommend everyone to give this a try Shade I have is – alluring rose 🌹 

Eyebrow – body care dark brown brow pencil 

This is just my everyday brow pencil as it does the job great and can be picked up next to nothing and it’s the cheapest pencil you could probably buy been using it a few months and think it’s amazing quality for the price 

Eyeshadow – morphe pallete nudes

I did mention this in my previous blog only started using this since Christmas and fell deeply in love with the colours amazing pigment and quality highly recommend!!! 



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The truth about hairdressing? 

Hey girlies/ guys that read this. 

Although I absolute love hairdressing there is a good side and bad side! 

Firstly making people feel absolutely great and having them leave the salon with a huge smile on there face is amazing especially knowing it’s your hard work.. 

but the bad side is not being able to find a job as I live in the uk most salons especially by me do not employ you, it’s either rent a chair or 50/50 which is okay but my only problem I would rather work knowing I’m going to have a decent amount of money because let’s face it everyone has responsibilities and needs to pay thier way of life it’s just the way it is. 

Being a hairdresser has always been something I’ve wanted to do from a really young age I’ve enjoyed being in a salon training and soon as I completed I’ve stuggled to find a salon that give you a set wage, so I’ve tried other jobs like dental nursing which honestly I didn’t enjoy as I worked very long hours and didn’t feel like it was for me and then I tried bar work which I still currently do part time at the moment I do enjoy it as I get to meet a lot of new people but my hope is to be able to get back into hairdressing and I am hoping to start a makeup artist course I already have my makeup certificate but I would love to learn it more in depth.. 

My hair inspirations are guy tang, ludo lee and Megan Leigh Kroh as I think they are absolutely fantastic at hair. 
I hope soon I can learn to drive so that I can take my hairdressing career mobile 🙂 

If anyone wants me to do any step by step blogs about how to achieve colours then please let me know.


Makeup review 

New Year’s Night outfit and makeup! 
Hey lovelies

This is a review of the makeup that was used on me New Years night💎

Makeup done by my sister as she is very talented in makeup😻 

Eye makeup – morphe palette 3502 this is an absolute amazing palette one of my faves the pigment is just unreal 

Glitter eye makeup – eye glitter set found on eBay under £5.00 amazing and lasts all night used on top of tart shape tape concealer 

Foundation – dermacol full coverage foundation found on eBay also, this is one of my favourite foundations but I do recommend setting it with powder as it does become oily through out the day but at the Minute I am absolutely obsessed with this foundation I also blend this out with a damp beauty blender

Eye brows – done with Anastasia brow pomade in shade medium brown absolutely love this 

Lips – were just done with a pale nude missguided lipgloss as my everyday lip is nude I don’t really wear any bright colours as I don’t feel they suit me as much I will upload a photo of these lipglosses can be found on eBay under £5.00 

Contour – I can’t remember the exact brand of this contour could possibly be Superdrug’s miss sporty dark matte bronzer use this everyday 

Blush – maybelline bouncy blush use this only on occasions amazing blush would highly recommend as they have a variety of shades to suit your skin tone and makeup look 

Lashes – sultry lashes from primark which I absolutely love and use everyday 


Both top and skirt from Boohoo 

Skirt came as a pack of two £6 includes this nude colour and a black 

Top I think was around £8.00 white fancy bodysuit

Both amazing quality will definitely keep purchasing from here clothing is true to there size I wear a size 8 just in case anyone is wondering 

Shoes I had on we’re just black large heel boots very comfortable unfortunately I don’t have a picture they were also a gift Christmas so I’m unsure where they are from but I can post a similar picture 

Thanks for reading 

Mwah xoxo

My life is hard…

What’s going on in my life right now? 
Hey lovelies 

So much has happened in my life recently the tension, family issues, break up, getting back together, having to move out, trying to find a new job it’s all just a lot of stress and I’ve been unfocused haven’t really done many blogs to upload.. but I promise I will get back on top of my page with a lot of new exiting things for you to read I will also be putting up a review shortly of the new full coverage foundation everyone is overly obsessing about. 

Christmas Q&A❤️

Hey guysss! 

Here is my Christmas q&a hope you enjoy 🤶🏼🎅🏼

Q1; Are you excited about Christmas?

Absolutely! I love Christmas 

Q2; what are your favourite things about Christmas?

I love how cosy the house looks with Christmas decorations and I love Christmas shopping 

Q3; when do you normally go Christmas shopping?

Mid December as I’m quite an un organised person and usually do everything last minute lol:) 

Q4; how much do you usually spend on a person?

I don’t usually have a spending limit 

Q5; what is your favourite Christmas film?

Elf but I also love the Santa clause 1,2,3 and polar express 

Q6; what is your Christmas meal?

Usually on my Christmas dinner there will be mash turkey vegetables, stuffing, roast parsnips, roast potatoes and gravy 

Q7; do you stay home on Christmas or go out?

Christmas growing up has always been about staying in and enjoying it with family and close ones 

Q8; how much sleep do you get on Christmas Eve? 

Even though I’m 19 years old I still get exited and wake the kids up early so I get roughly about 1-2 hours 

Q9; what do you want for Christmas?

I’m not quite sure getting older makes me love everything that I get from family and friends 

Q10; when do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

always have one Christmas Eve presant to open and the rest on Christmas Day with the family 


My life has been falling apart

hey lovely’s 

I haven’t posted in a long while because I’ve just had so so much on my plate I’ve felt very exhausted I’m still not 100% recovered with everything that’s gone on it has just made me realise that doing nothing is making me feel a whole lot worse 😦 I’m going to keep on top of blogging and I’m trying to create a YouTube Channel I just need to find the courage to go on camera as I have very low confidence still unsure of how I want my channel and what content I want to upload I was thinking vlogs hair and beauty related videos, challenges and things like that if anyone has any other suggestions be sure to leave a comment or link your YouTube accounts below and irl be sure to subscribe to them.
mwahhh xo

Going blonde 🌸💜

Hey guys!!
So in just a few days I went from washed out black to blonde 😱 

a long process 

Horrible brassiness 

To a lovely light blonde shade 
I thought I’d write about the process of going black to blonde in just a few days🌸 

The beautiful blonde shade I had just over 4 months😍 

Then I decided to go black 😭  

Beautiful colour but I always miss being a blondiee👱🏽‍♀️
Day 1: I went and had all my hair extensions taken out, I then bleached my hair to a balayage colour with dark roots my ends went to a brassy blonde colour I let my hair settle over night using a oil treatment. 
Day 2: I re dyed the ends of my hair using garnier dark ash blonde which took my hair to a lovely shade of blonde but obviously this wasn’t blonde enough for me. 
Day 3: I left my hair to settle before I re lightened it 
Day 4: using garnier lightening kit I used this on my roots then went in and dyed the rest of my hair I was then left with blonde ends and a few brassy pieces by my roots I then added a garnier light ash blonde all over adding in some blue shampoo which taken it to a lovely light blonde which I am extremely happy with and can’t wait to have my hair extensions fitted back in. 
I do now have overly damaged hair which isn’t a problem for me as a hairdresser to fix as I wear hair extensions all the time i don’t mind the damage, for ladies who really don’t want to do it this way I would recommend going to the salon and going lighter gradually with foils and regular treatments 🦋 


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